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On Air Branding for Business&
비즈니스& 채널 디자인

For the first time in the history of Korea’s cable TV networks, the business channel targets viewers who are businessmen dreaming of success or envision such businessmen. To this end, we aim at incorporating the qualities of their desire such as luxury, stability, and conservativeness.

Taking into account the special circumstance of the launching, the channel’s characteristics are incorporated by featuring live actions of elements and items that often appear in a business setting to make a direct appeal to the target viewers.

Simple layouts and camera angles are used. In terms of the combination of the colours, a single color was chosen as a point within the calm combination of black and while, just like the role of necktie in a businessman’s suit.

In order to emphasise their conservativeness and tradition, all design elements, particularly typography, are chosen carefully to be not too fashionable. They intend to leave lasting impression.