2 channel documentary of ‘Cause and effect’ by Do Ho Suh 서도호 작가의 2채널 다큐멘터리 비디오 '인연' - Imagebakery
2 channel documentary of ‘Cause and effect’ by Do Ho Suh
서도호 작가의 2채널 다큐멘터리 비디오 '인연'

It is a documentary film capturing Do Ho Suh’s Cause & Effect, showcased on Oct. 8, 2010 as the opening piece for the Hite Collection. We spent about a year to film the progress of the work’s completion and edited the total recordings of 2,365 minutes to finish this documentary.

Without a designated narrator, the documentary is formed to deliver the story through narrations of the staffs who had participated in the whole process of the artwork from the design of the exhibition space and creation of dolls to installation and completion.

In order to convey the contents, a professional narrator with a clear voice would have been more proper. And yet, we took the rick of using the production staffs’ voice in order to show the concept of the project more vividly. Each staff only had one interview, and the interviewer had no scripts. Because the sentences were given in a colloquial style, we needed to make the messages clearer and persuasive. We, therefore, disassembled every sentence, while keeping the key messages, and reassembled them into completely new sentences.

The documentary will be shown at the Hite Collection, located on the underground floor of Hite Beer’s headquarters in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, until March 4, 2011.

Direction by Do Ho Suh
Producing, editing and design by Imagebakery
Cinematography by Imagebakery and Andrew Boyle of Helsinki media
Music design by Hyejun Lee
Photography by Kisu Park