Suh Se-Ok, Documentary 산정 서세옥 다큐멘터리 - Imagebakery
Suh Se-Ok, Documentary
산정 서세옥 다큐멘터리

Imagebakery received a request for Sey Artnet in March, 2007 to produce documentaries about Sanjung Suh Se-ok, a pivotal figure in Korean modern art. The request was not about partial motion graphic of the documentary. It was a rare request on the entire production process.

Artist Do Ho Suh was the director in charge, and S. Euna Yoo, the founder of Sey Artnet, supervised the production throughout the process. Imagebakery was in charge of the general directing and production of the documentaries and defining the role of graphic design.

Suh se-ok’s world of art is praised for reinterpreting the traditional ink paintings and it was very similar to the process of creating graphic design works. Our primary aim was to capture the everyday lives of the artist, the source of his work. The scenes were expressed so that the documentary can be seen as a single painting, just like his work.

“Human Suh Se-ok” were shown in Houston of the United States, Tokyo of Japan and Daejeon of Korea and are scheduled to be shown at all exhibitions of the artist in major cities around the world. “Human Suh Se-ok” project has not ended yet. As long as Sanjung produces, Imagebakery will continue to record the new parts of his life. Newer “Human Suh Se-ok” will be shown at future exhibitions.

With Do Ho Suh, a world-renowned artist, Sanjung planned a large scale work with the theme his lifetime – “human.” The scale of the work is 4-meter-wide and 50-meter-long in total. On the transparent silk background, a group of hundreds of people in various forms was drawn.

It was an extraordinary experience to record the process of the father and son to face each other as artists. The primary object was to show the entire process of the art work creation and installation. In this documentary, we also focused more on stimulating communication between the viewers and the artwork and artists, because a documentary may force a unilateral view to the viewers.

“People by Suh Se-ok” by Suh se-ok and Do Ho Suh
Sep. 28, 2007 – Jan. 6 2008 at Le Forum, Maison Hermes in Tokyo, Japan.

“Where Clouds Disperse : Ink Paintings by Suh Se-ok”
Jan. 27, 2007 – April 20, 2008 at The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, United States.

“People. Sanjung Suh Se-ok” by Suh se-ok
Oct. 19, 2007 – Nov. 25, 2007 at Daejeon Museum of Art in Daejeon, South Korea.

Producing by Sey Artnet
Direction, editing and design by Imagebakery
Cinematography by Junwon Min, Jiro Akiba and Tomoo Itoh of Intertelemedia, Inc.