Interactive Video Installation, Who Am We?, Do Ho Suh 인터랙티브 설치 영상, 서도호 - Imagebakery
Interactive Video Installation, Who Am We?, Do Ho Suh
인터랙티브 설치 영상, 서도호

A London-based Korean artist penned an open letter to 218,000 employees at Hyundai Motor Group, inviting them to participate in an exhibition, which will be part of a permanent display at HMG’s human resources development center. The journey of the work began as the employees accepted the artist’s invitation and submitted their photographs. Those collected portraits were assembled on a video wall. At a distance, these photographs appear as tiny dots. Participants only can see their faces enlarge in the center of the screen when they log in a smart phone application.

Who Am We? examines the subtle boundaries between individual and a group by demonstrating how the identities of individuals are minimized or neglected in a crowd for a greater value. By utilizing digital interaction and inviting employees as an active participant, the project opens up a new space of dialogue, and the employees are naturally led to explore their identity and a sense of belonging in their communities.

Winner in Installations in public spaces category
iF Design Award 2014

Best of the best in TV, Film, Cinema & Animation category
Red dot design award 2013

Winner in Event Design category
Red dot design award 2013

Winner in Digital Design category
IDEA 2013

Gold in Animation of Interactive craft category
AD Stars 2013

Silver in Digital design of Design category
AD Stars 2013

Direction by Do Ho Suh in London.
Executive producing by Paul Choi in Seoul
Producing, design and animation by Imagebakery in Seoul.
Identity design by Jaewon Seok in New York.
Sound design by Cravesound in Bu-cheon.
Writing by Soomee Park, Soyoung Moon and Heykyoung Hwang in Seoul.
Photography by Nils Clauss and Kisu Park in Seoul.
Cinematography by Nils Clauss, Kisu Park, Sungil Lee and Yunsun Lee in Seoul.
Post-processing of portrait photos of Hyundai Motor Group by Christian Kim, Kyumin Hwang, Cherin Kang, Sowon Kim, Darin Kwon, Minjong Kim, Minjoo Kim, Jaeyoung Myung, Jisun Lee, Hyejee Lim, Junghyun Jo and Aerin Hong in Seoul.
Unity 3D and face detecting programming by Deokyoung Jung and Haram Lee, Clicked in Seoul.
Platform programming by Hyunwoo Park and Tae Kim, Tri-tree.
Architecture design by Suh architects in Seoul.
Media wall by Christie Korea in Seoul.
3D sound system by Iosono Sound GmbH in Erfurt, Germany