Video Wall for Korean Restaurant 한일관 벽면 영상 - Imagebakery
Video Wall for Korean Restaurant
한일관 벽면 영상

Beyond the food
Multi channel video wall
24 mins and 30 secs

Produced by Imagebakery, “Beyond Food” comprises sixteen segments and takes the food ingredients used for dishes made at Hanilkwan, a traditional Korean restaurant, as its theme. The film aims to capture the beauty, the color and texture of the original source of the food which is often overlooked. At the same time, the film casts a spotlight on the process of cooking, the mysteriousness and the beauty of the artistry by which these natural ingredients are turned into distilled scents and flavors. If one looks at the original ingredients that go into the making of a dish, he or she would find that they are in themselves unique and beautiful in its shape, color and texture. The film invites the viewers to appreciate the natural beauty of the food ingredients in its original state, and the process where they are reborn into delightful dishes in the hands of masterful cooks. The segments titled “Hands,” “Shin-sol-lo,” “Cutting into small pieces” reveal the sort of ‘behind the curtain’ scenes of cooking, which in themselves are visual feasts. The “Hands” in particular is interesting as it features the hands of all the cooks working at Hanilkwan.

Creative direction & architecture design by Suh Architects
Commissioned by Hanilkwan
Directing, Cinematography & Post-production – Paul Kyungmo Choi
Producing – Kyumin Hwang, Hyekyoung Hwang
Sound Design – Simon Pyke
Assistant cinematographers–Wonjoon Chung, Injong Hwang, Seonghoon Shin, Hyejin Lim, Jongho Ko, Jongwoong Lee
Production company – Imagebakery