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On Air Branding for Home Story
홈스토리 채널 디자인

When viewed with the Cathode Ray Tube TVs from the past, the edges of the serif typefaces had displayed the subtle shaking. Therefore, it was inevitable to mainly use the sans-serif fonts for broadcasting design. The selection of sans-serif fonts had been a must for long-term projects in particular, such as the design work for launching a new channel.

And yet, Plasma TVs are currently replacing the Cathode Ray Tube TVs today. We, therefore, have made a bold decision to use serif typeface for this particular branding project. The wise courage of our client was the key that allowed us to move forward the decision.

Because serif typefaces have never been seen to the viewers’ eyes, we have a high expectation that this branding project will catch the viewers’ attention with its freshness and rareness.

Concept, direction and design by Imagebakery and music and sound design by Cravesound.